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Others may offer you money when you dispose of trash from your home, office, or neighborhood.

We don't.

PickMyTrash is run by waste pickers who recycle your trash scientifically, while earning a dignified living and offering a valuable service to society.

We use the few rupees we get from recycling to provide pencils, notebooks, and educational services to children who pick trash, to help them stop this hazardous work and go to school.

We use your trash to fight poverty and change lives.

Do not consider this to be your contribution towards the well-being of wastepickers’ families. Consider this to be your payment for the invaluable service wastepickers provide for the urban well-being. Without this, our own waste would drown our houses, streets and cities.

Trash Talk


What is plastic waste? PET bottles, water bottles, most packaging materials, disposable food containers, disposable glasses and cutlery, old buckets and plastic furniture. Read more


Paper waste is all around us.  Newspapers, old books, old notebooks, cardboard, food cartons.Read more


What is E-waste? Monitors, computers, printers, cartridges, mobile phones, phones, music players, batteries. Read more


Some waste can be recycled but it doesn’t have a label: old shoes, clothes, metal tables, wooden chairs, etc.Read more

Special Services


All offices generate waste, and most don’t know what to do with it, apart from throwing it in the municipal ‘dhalo’. We tell you how to get rid of it, in a sensible, green manner. We will also help you make less waste.

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Love hosting a party but hate cleaning up? Call us 1800-3000-7969

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PickMyTrash will help you run a drive in your colony to collect dry waste and e-waste. This makes the waste process cleaner and enables the funds to benefit wastepicking children. We can also help you turn into a Zero Waste Colony.


PickMyTrash will partner with schools to both dispose of waste in a sustainable manner that benefits wastepicking children, and educate students about sustainable waste management. By having PickMyTrash dispose of your waste, you can enable more children to get the education they are being deprived of.


Instead of letting waste rot in toxic, polluting landfills, PickMyTrash will organize waste pickups, set up a zero-waste system in your office and help you spread awareness amongst your teams. We will pick your waste up for free, and use it to help the trash picking children who need it most. We can also handle all your e-waste, and run drives to help your employees to dispose off their e-waste, otherwise lying in drawers tucked away at their homes.


PickMyTrash will help individuals to organize waste-drives in their colonies, apart from picking up their dry and e-waste.

About Us

Wastepickers provide an invaluable service- sorting and recycling over 20% of our trash. Without them our waste would build up in our houses and on our streets. Yet, we expect them to pay us?

PickMyTrash organizes waste pickups for recycling from individuals, companies, RWAs, and schools. This waste is safely recycled following government guidelines. Any revenue generated from this is used to improve the lives of wastepicking children.

We don’t give you money for your recyclable waste. We use it to improve the lives of the people who keep our cities clean. We think it makes more sense this way, don't you?

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